Howdy! Are you Struggling with SEO? You came to the right place, I am a seasoned White Hat SEO Consultant in Dubai, helping small and large businesses get high-quality leads by getting ranked on the top spots of Google organic search.

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Sheikh Mohammad Bilal is the founder of Just White Hat, Sheikh Bilal is an SEO Expert in Dubai, A Professional Software Engineer, Google Adwords Certified & Wizard of Just White Hat SEO team.

Bilal is now in residence at Just White Hat as Wizard of an Expert SEO Team he is an Expert on On-Page & Off-Page SEO and is proficient in Technical SEO, SEM, SMO, Business Analytics, and Business Development, having deep knowledge of Google Search Algorithms, being an SEO Specialist in Dubai I know everything from the Keyword Research to Ranking Your Business On top of Google Organic Search Doing Extensive Competitive Research & Coming up with a customized SEO Strategy for your brand. Sheikh is a renowned SEO Consultant in UAE trusted by Fortune 1000 companies and I have driven great success to them with my killer SEO techniques.



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Sheikh Mohammad Bilal

It's always a challenge to find a true SEO Pro locally in Dubai to rank your brand on the top of the SERPs. If you really want to make a difference in Organic Search and looking forward to getting a great number of qualified leads from Google Search you have come to the right place.

Our SEO Firm optimises your brand and website experience for users rather then optimising them for robots and crawlers, Sheikh Mohammad Bilal is a trusted name in the market when it comes to SEO in Dubai and he has over a decade of experience working with Search Engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo and Yandex locally and globally.

Why Local SEO is really Important?

In the past few years, there has been an enormous surge in demand in online growth especially from SEO, Online reputation matters a lot in today's time and with your competitors always doing the tweaks and SEO Optimisation it has never been so important to have an SEO Expert on board to help you strive in this Digital Search Era, A professional SEO Expert in Dubai such as myself are able to pick up the hidden do's in On-Site, Technical & Off-Site SEO improvements to alter your rankings in the search results, When we optimise your website your site will stand out from your Local competition.

How Will I Rank your Business in Dubai?

Search Engines are smarter then over, reputable Search Engines like Google launch several updates to their algorithm on a daily basis to refine the search experience for their users, it's not like the old days anymore when you add up some keywords on to your website and it will pop up on the top spot in the search.

Search Engines will reward you with the top spot if your product, service or brand is helping customers all the way from entering your site to being satisfied with your brand at the end, even reputation of your brand has a lot to do with your overall search performance.

Search Engines continuously check if your site is linked by other reputable resources across the internet, Google also checks the page experience of your website which depends on how well optimised is your website when It comes to performance, is your website optimised for Core Web Vitals? is it Responsive? how long does a user waits until they see above the fold content every small detail matters nowadays and a trusted SEO Consultant in Dubai like myself would be happy to improve all that for you!


SEO Dubai Testimonials

My Testimonials and SEO Dubai Endorsements speak for themself, Over my career in Search Engine Optimization, I have confronted with about 380 Successful SEO Projects for a lot of Start-Ups. Local Businesses and Fortune 1000 companies, Check out my formidable SEO Projects & Case Studies.

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Rank #1 On Google in Dubai

Do You Know?

Search traffic is considered the most valuable type as it carries intent and there are only two ways of getting it!

Google checks for up to 500+ ranking signals to put you on top of those SERPs!

In 2020. Google ranks your website in accordance to how it performs on Mobile Devices!


Providing Tailored SEO Services


Submit your domain URL and Claim a free Custom SEO Audit, Yes! I will do a free extensive SEO Audit for your website and email you the current SEO health of your business.

Being an Award Winning SEO Consultant in Dubai. Your SEO Audit will be handcrafted and built from scratch for your business needs and would comprise of your overall domain health, SEO quick wins, and all the technical SEO issues! We will ensure stable growth in your SEO Channel than any of Dubai SEO Companies out there!




A journey decade long

I have been in Digital Marketing space for over a decade now, during all these years I have delivered successful SEO Services for almost all types of businesses.

Being an Expert SEO Consultant in Dubai Secret of a successful SEO Strategy is a Custom SEO Services and Strategy for each business, I will do an extensive SEO audit on your website to avail all the low hanging SEO fruits for you as quickly as possible.

I also have over 5 years of experience with Web Development which helps me understand all the elements of Design and UI contributing towards my skills to do state of the art Technical SEO which results in:

  • CTR Optimization

  • eCommerce Conversion Rate Optimization
  • Getting 3x more leads
  • Minimal Bounce Rate
  • High Return Rate
  • Run Amazing SEO A/B Tests
  • Excellent Search Engine Accessibility

Being a killer keyword researcher I can pinpoint the exact business development keywords and rank them regardless of the competition with my 100% White Hat ranking strategies that are Google Penguin & Panda Safe & really long-lived meaning you won't be seeing any demotion in SERP ranks any time soon.

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My Custom SEO Dubai Strategy Explained

All your successful competitors have already an SEO Solution or Strategy in place that means they have already implemented an SEO Strategy with a strong footprint.

Secondly, Every Niche is different the methodology to rank every niche is different as Google bot treats every business niche differently the methods applied for one client might not work with another one so we do a custom audit and competitive research before planning SEO strategy for any client.

If you are looking for an exclusive SEO Partner for your business, Get in touch with me for a cost-effective & solid SEO Strategy.



I love Technical SEO! And for the love of it, I often go the extra mile, Technical SEO has been really important lately to rank even the small Local Businesses.

I will make your website Search Engine Friendly as well as Users as Technical SEO optimizations help deliver better user experience & an increase in SERP ranks.

I have tremendous knowledge to optimize the speed of the website, Speed is a ranking factor and Google officially announced it a while back.

Having optimized tons of domains scattered around different CMS's I can quickly optimize your website for optimal speed delivery on slow data connection speeds which will yield in lower bounce rate and increased rankings and sales.

A great number of factors affect the site speed including your Web Host, Web Design, Media, Scripts, 3rd Party Trackers, etc... & We will sync everything up and configure the caching methodologies of your website along with script optimization to improve overall user experience and eventually boosting SERP rankings in Search.

Website load speed is as important in ranking Local SEO as it is in Global SEO.



Content is still King in 2020 SEO. just writing content isn't enough, I can help Small Businesses and Start-Ups create engaging SEO Optimized content copies to increase the keyword relevancy without hurting SEO experience in any way.

I will guide your resources to create the right content for your audience to maximize conversions.

you can also outsource your SEO Content requirements to me I will work with my Content marketing team to created excellent pieces of content for your website or blog.

I have extensive experience with SEO content creation and curation, I myself founded over 7 publishing blogs active in the United States, Canada, and United Arab Emirates.

So, Rest assured if you will be entrusting your SEO Content marketing to me you will reap some dramatic results in user engagement as well as an overall increase in site-wide SERP ranks.


On-Page SEO involves Content Optimization coupled with optimized Title and Meta tags making sure that the content has a perfect keyword density along with optimized image alt attributes the whole concept of this step is to ensure that your content highly focuses on your keyword and all the related search phrases ensuring you cover all the questions people might confront with.

I also couple up the landing pages with a critical internal linking structure ensuring maximum link equity to traverse between all the money pages to get a maximized impact on Google Search Rankings.

I ensure that high-quality page content is backed by optimized headers and descriptions alongside with descriptive image alt attributes and relevant Structured Data if applicable.

Mobile responsiveness and Page URL optimization is also implemented in On-Page SEO.

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Off-Site SEO ensures a solid branding carrying brand awareness for your brand, product, or service we craft state of the art white hat link building strategies to ensure that your website gets maximum link equity.

I create a tailored strategy for each brand or client as each website and niche requires a different kind of attention.

My Off-Site SEO is always followed by a solid backlink audit to ensure there is no existing link spam on the domain Penguin 4.0 discounts all good and bad links it also flags your website if you have got too many of those and may lead to a manual action later on.

Rest assured I am a Penguin 4.0 ready Link builder understanding all the facts about branding and digital PR I ensure that all my clients get quality backlinks from authoritative relevant sources.


Is your domain got hit by any of the major Google Algorithms such as Google Penguin or Google Panda?

Well, Rest assured I am here to help you recover from these major updates until Penguin 3 it was really easy to identify a hit as Panda Penalty affected the whole domain but after the launch of Penguin 4.0 you might not judge the significant drops because Penguin 4.0 is a part of Google's Core Algorithm now and it discounts bad links on Page-level.

If you have got too much link spam it will also discount the good links pointing to a specific landing page and also trigger a manual action if there is a significant footprint.

I have 9 Years+ experience with Backlink auditing I will clean up your domain from any little to significant link spam and if you are already got a manual action I will clean up and resubmit your domain for indexing in Google Search.





Why Do You Need SEO in Dubai for Your Business?

SEO or Search Engine Optimization attracts intent-based organic traffic from Search Engines organic SERPs results and it's considered as the most valuable source of traffic in online marketing space & this high converting traffic is totally free! 

Why Should you Consider Sheikh Mohammad Bilal as an SEO Agency in Dubai?

Sheikh 2018 MENA Search Award Nominee and is a famous figure in SEO Community respected by a lot of online marketers, Sheikh provides cutting edge quality SEO solutions with reasonable pricing moreover there is no comparison between the killer SEO Strategies of Sheikh Mohammad Bilal.

Why Should You Onboard an SEO Company for your Businesses?

SEO tends to provide high converting traffic to a website and its totally free, hence by Optimizing your website for search queries close to your product and business and working on a great User Experience you can strive among any competitive space.

What SEO Services does our SEO Company in Dubai offer?

Sheikh Mohammad Bilal offers a 360 SEO solution, I have over a decade of experience in SEO and Web Design which allows me to cater all the SEO services from On-Page SEO to Technical SEO, Content Marketing, Speed Optimization, and Off-Site SEO, Sheikh also offers Google Penalty removal service.

Why is Sheikh #1 SEO EXPERT IN DUBAI?

Sheikh has been ranking #1 on Google Search for "SEO Expert in Dubai" 4 years consecutively, moreover, Sheikh Mohammad Bilal is the Middle East Search Award Nominee as well for the year 2018 and has mastered in Local, Global, eCommerce & Enterprise SEO.

What's the Cost to hire an SEO Consultant in Dubai?

Search Engine Optimization Specialist in Dubai would cost you in accordance to your business niche and competition, Sheikh's average rate for SEO Consultation is approximately $1500/month but its totally dynamic, as each business require different strategy implementations and efforts so the overall cost can be more or less.


Being a Top SEO Consultant in Dubai. I have worked with fortune 1000 companies and crafted state of the art SEO Strategies to bring millions of visitors from Google Organic Search.






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2018 MENA Search Award Winner, Top SEO Expert and SEO Consultant in Dubai, UAE providing cutting edge SEO Strategies to increase Lead and ROI for Small Medium and Enterprise Customers.